Individual Component Temperature Set/Sweep in LTSPICE simulation

LTSPICE allows to set individual device temperature. However, this possibility is not described in documentation.

This question was asked in of EE forums.

Mike Engelhardt (LTSPICE creator) answered this question:

“The temperature of diode instance D1 is swept from -55 to 125 degrees
in 5 degree increments. Diode D2 is there to illustrate that the
rest of the circuit is not temp swept in this.

To do this on the schematic level, control right click on the diode
body and add “temp={t}” to one of the empty attribute fields after
the diode model name which is simply “D”. Below is a schematic
that shows that.”

This suggestion does not work on schematic level. However, netlist example:

“Here’s the idea on the netlist level:
D1 a 0 D temp={t}
I1 0 a 1m
D2 b 0 D
I2 0 b 1m
..step param t -55 125 5
..model D D

gives an idea how to implement this on schematic.

Example is in attached file: Individual Temperature Sweep LTSPICE Example . ZIP

It shows how to set and sweep individual component temperature.

This is a very useful feature.


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