Testing TL431 model performance

A couple of test bench schematics were created in order to evaluate TL431 model performance and make a comparison between suggested model and existing ones. Most of test benches correspond to ones described in the datasheet to take chip measurement data and can be used to tweak model parameters to datasheet numbers. TL431 datasheet was used as a reference. Read more

Accurate TL431 model development, analysis and evaluation

I used datasheet schematic to create a model for TL431. This is very similar to Helmut Sennewald’s approach and seems to be straight-forward way of developing model, while schematic is available and is not very complicated. However, schematic is just a starting point. Read more

Realistic SPICE model for TL431: stability, noise, impedance and performance simulation of TL431 shunt regulator

TL431 is commonly used to create a voltage reference or small linear shunt regulator. It is often considered to be a “programmable zener”. Though, there is a big difference between TL431 and a zener diode. As many of other feedback systems, TL431 can oscillate if inappropriately decoupled. Read more