Subcircuits in LTSPICE

Your simulation is as good as quality of the models you are using!

At least it is no better than that. This is the reason why I would like to dig into LTSPICE Subcircuit topic and create a simple reference. I’m using it myself and hope it will save you some time also. Though, there is nothing new in this tutorial and most information is just recollection of different parts of LTSPICE and SPICE3 documentation. Read more

Subcircuit structure

  1. Header
  2. Netlist
  3. End

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Filter design software from Texas Instruments

TI recently updated their FilterPro™ MFB and Sallen-Key Filter Design software. It is not complete filter design suit and includes only limited amount of physical realizations of second order stages. In fact FilterPro™ is supporting only Multiple Feedback and Sallen-Key realizations of active stages. However, it is doing well what it supposed to do. Read more

Thermal noise of resistor – Calculator

Thermal noise of passive components makes big influence on overall noise performance. Values of passive components should be carefully evaluated, especially in case of low noise design. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of low noise performance of active components. Read more

Distortion measurements with LTSPICE

LTSPICE is offering good capabilities for distortion analysis and simulations. All you have to do is to run transient analysis and then right click on the signal plot and use FFT command from view section of submenu. Or use .FOUR command and look for results in SPICE error LOG file from View menu. Though, you have to change a couple of default settings to be able to simulate and analyze harmonics, lower than – 60dB. Read more

WM-60A frequency response

A while ago I found a description of measuring microphone on Linkwitz site. Remembering his name from 20 year old publications, related to speaker design and evaluation of crossover networks, I was really intrigued by the fact that reasonably good measuring microphone could be done from $2 electret capsule. Read more

Hello Audio World!

I finally decided to create this site to share my opinion on some of audio topics, I’m interested in.  Read more

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